Memories of Mother's Kitchen: traditions stay alive.

Do you know this: Thinking back to your childhood, does the smell of mother's kitchen come straight to your nose?

She potters around with skillful handsevery Sunday - weighing carefully different ingredients, trying different combinations. In her dusty skirt, she critically watches the circular movements of her favorite machine, checks the dough, adds cornflour again ... until the perfect consistency has been reached. Only when every detail is right, MOTHER Feuchtmann calls the family together. You joyfully enter the room as a running meter, take a handful of SCHOOL MODELLING CLAY from the machine and dive into another world.

Down-to-earth values - a reliable basis

Knowing its roots and actively shaping the future ...

The history of Feuchtmann GmbH

From the one-man plastic processing company to the specialist for modelling clay, finger paint, interlocking pieces, chalk & more.

The story of Feuchtmann GmbH began in Brunn / Emskirchen back in 1959. As one of the first, Wilhelm Feuchtmann built the wooden hammering game to date in plastic. In addition, he produced, among other things, cookie cutters. However, the modeling clay available at that time smelled strongly of petroleum. He did not want to give this poison to any child. So he started his own business for Clay and Dough. The first product? The SCHOOL MODELLING CLAY developed by MOTHER Feuchtmann in her kitchen.

By the way: The recipe for our new MY FAVOURITE CLAY is also from her.


company anniversary





28 000 000

colorful interlocking pieces