Tips & Tricks KLECKSi (Finger)paints

  • Before painting plastic parts (including window frames, bathtubs) and other materials, please check for colour compatibility. You are also welcome to call and ask us for advice.
  • According to our experience, possible residues can be removed very well with special plastic cleaners or mild scouring agent and the "Magic Dirt Eraser".
  • Painted window panes can be easily cleaned by scraping them in dry state with a glass-ceramic-cook-top scraper and the crumbs comfortably aspirated.
  • Stains in textiles should preferably be washed before the paint dries. In addition, you should treat the stains with a pre-wash spray before washing. Depending on the level of staining, several washes may be necessary. Generally, however, a craft apron should be used, we can not guarantee that our colour will be removable from all fabrics.
  • If you mix the Klecksi finger paints with a wood glue in the ratio 50:50 or with a teaspoon of wallpaper paste (possibly add some more water) you get homemade window colours. Please note that this will change the recipe of the product at your own risk!
  • As an alternative to the classic finger paint, we recommend our new product Kneto WINDOW CLAY, a specially developed window clay that adheres very well to plain surfaces and is easy-peasy to remove. Hereby, the children have the possibility to create 3D pictures on the windows. Advantages: easy attachment by the child and much easier cleaning of the windows.
  • So and now the last tip! Please always keep in mind, paints belongs to the category crafting, crafts possibly mean dirt, especially if you do not get ready for that. A craft underlay and a craft apron are always a good advice.