Tips & Tricks STECKi

  • STECKi Original, STECKI GEO and STECKI 2+ are pluggable with each other.
  • Ideal to shorten the waiting time! Take our STECKi products with you in restaurants, medical practices & Co .. Even if a stone is lost, that will not keep you from playing forward. They do not cause any mess and keep busy both children and adults.
  • Your little ones were especially creative? No problem! Our Steckis are easy to clean. Simply put them into a standard laundry bag and wash them in the washing machine (up to a maximum of 40 ° C). For deep cleanliness, special disinfectants for textiles can be added. Then simply hang the bag on a leash. Thus you also save the drying!
  • A lot of our STECKi products are packed in premium clickboxes/cans a. o. from the company Buchsteiner, these can later be used as snack boxes or storage cans.
  • Allow children to be creative. We intentionally do not include any templates for the products.
  • Send us the plug-in creations of your children via e-mail. The best pictures are awarded once a year.